Best Websites for GenY Workplace Reading

Have you heard the acronym NSFW tossed around on the web? Well, you might be a little faster than I am, because I only recently figured out it was code for Not Safe For Work.

Regardless, when you are pausing for a 5-10 minute break at work to increase your productivity and get a fresh new perspective, here’s a list of the ten best SFW (Safe For Work) websites to give you that boost:


Business Insider: Politics
This site will fill you in on easily-digestible headers throughout the day so you can impress come water-cooler time.

Industry and Career

TechCocktail: Startups & Apps
Even if you have no interest in phone apps (and I don’t blame you), this section of TechCocktail is a shockingly good conversation starter. A new app that coordinates your playlist with your GPS location? Awesome! Read about them all here.

Social Media Examiner

From driving more interest on your Pinterest to growing and managing social communities, this website will be interesting for you if you have a blogging side hustle or if you are simply a consumer who wants to stay savvy. Since you’re the “customer” in this situation, it’s kind of like reading the enemy’s battle plans.

Blogs and Interest

Penelope Trunk
If you aren’t already reading Penelope Trunk, you probably want to take it home over the weekend. From self-publishing to fear in the workplace to the recent Yahoo CEO news, she is a huge force of nature when it comes to career and workplace information.

Brain Pickings
Did you know about Hemingway shooting his beloved cat? Or maybe you just love the mental escape that thinking about the science of time travel can provide. No matter where your interests are, Brain Pickings really will have a digestible something for everyone.

What are your SFW websites of choice?

Ready to transition out of teaching?

Life After Teaching
Life After Teaching
Life After Teaching is the ONLY step by step guide for transitioning out of teaching! And I'm a little biased because I wrote it. Click over to find a whole community of former teachers!

AIP Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Paleo Autoimmune Cookbook
Paleo AIP
I didn't write this one, but I wish I had! This is Mickey's hands-down best tips for getting started with Paleo AIP! My favorite part is the comprehensive grocery shopping list that lets you shop confidently again.

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