Dating in GIFs

February — the month of love — is upon us! That means love-themed posts from yours truly, not to mention dating and marriage-themed GIF Stories and sweet-tooth recipes for you and your loved ones (dating, married, friends, and otherwise!).

You wait so, so long for your first date. Then you figure out how to get one:

Then you tell your friends about that first date.

And you put on make-up for that all-wonderful first date and you feel like….

Eventually you find one of those boys who seems a little weird like you are….

And you flirt on AOL Instant Messenger for weeks…

All the while acting like this when you see each other in the hallway:

But every once in a while somebody you think is awesome thinks that you are awesome.

And they ask you out (or you ask them out) and you have a really good time.

The lesson? Pick your break-up music carefully, because this is what Ani DiFranco is like even now:


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