February Goals: Pitch Days, the Outdoors, and Bananagrams

The last goals post was in June of 2012. That’s just craziness!

At the time, I was really concerned with working out, replenishing our safety net fund, and posting consistently on this blog.

My how very little things can change in 1 and a half years, and yet still be flipped upside down!

Though to be fair, I’m no longer seeking the AFCPE certification and I still haven’t set up the Kindle with our local public library.

February Goals

Setting goals is a habit consistently shown to help people achieve more. To that effort, here are my goals for February:


What can I do to stay in peak mental state — feeling spry and creative but not overwhelmed?

  • Read two books for fun. Which means setting aside time each day to read non-business or marketing related books.
  • Play Bananagrams with JHubbs once per week. He’s always up for it, I never feel like it. But playing it last weekend with a dear friend reminded me what a great mental wake-up it is!


What can I do to move along my physical and emotional health?

  • Step outside each day. I can very easily fall into the trap of not leaving the house for days at a time. Which, in a 1BR apartment…. kind of makes for craziness. I’ve done this for most of January with lots of success, so I’ll do it even more in February. Stepping out means at the very least a short walk around the building and up 4 flights of stairs, and usually 20-30 minutes of walking.
  • Finish researching Hashimoto’s TH1/TH2. This new area could help me get a handle on my panic attacks and heart palpitations, not to mention my health in general.


What moves will get JHubbs and I to solid financial footing?

  • Replenish and hold our safety net at $500. Okay, this is really, really low, and yes, it’s embarrassing. But even when we save up $1,000+, it never seems to stick. So, while I’d like to get more in there, I want at least $500 to stick around permanently, and in March we can raise it even higher.
  • Have four “Pitch Days”. I am still building my client base, so it helps to have a day in which I scour the job boards and send out pitches. I get about three responses for every 15 emails, and one of those three usually moves forward with a project or trial.


What will future-Sarah wish I had done to help her along in life?

  • Choose a life insurance program. Since I’m freelancing, I am not covered for life insurance by a dutiful employer. That leaves me stressing on behalf of JHubbs if something were to happen. This kind of falls under Cash but emotionally it’s a Future goal to feel sure that an emergency would be taken care of.
  • Work through courses 1-4 of Brandgasm copy AND design. I spent a lot of money on it and it is amazing, but I simply don’t prioritize it. Perhaps I could even do this with JHubbs, since he’s been very passionate about blogging lately.

What are your goals for February?


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