Old computer files, tired hearts, and caramel donuts


Here’s more of the backup in my “Saved” category of Feed.ly. (You’re using Feed.ly, too, right?).

Paleo Awesomeness

Here’s what I was ranting about a few weeks ago: what do food labels really mean?

This Paleo testimonial was super awesome: 130 lbs in 20 months and feeling great!

Caramel Donut & Ice Cream topped birthday cupcakes…. grain-free… wow.

Sales & Life Tips

Derek tells it like it is: don’t lie, cheat, or scam!

Sarah tells it like it is, too: you can be right or happy, not both.

4 ways to negotiate your way to a yes.

To be honest, I learned a lot about copywriting and advertising from Don Draper on Mad Men. So this infographic of his best quotes seriously rocked my world. 

Random Amazingness

Spy on your cat while she plays.… adorable!

Great minds think alike: when I wrote about what I like and don’t like about my wedding registry three years later, Unique Gifter posted a mega-post of wedding registry ideas. Nice!

XKCD with the truth behind the old files on your computer.

Why doesn’t your heart get tired like other muscles?

What’s a “real woman”? Is a real woman one who’s not happy with her body? A surreal story¬†from Eat the Damn Cake.

NZ Muse talks about careers and signs.

Breanna talks daily makeup routines and I just love her style.

Truly, seriously amazing free photos from Becoming Minimalist.

Freelancing & Writing

Design Blender takes on whether or not it’s fair to charge more for bigger clients. I’m on the fence here.

Making the most of whatever limited blogging time you have from Daily Blog Tips.

This post about writing with personality starts with a quite that EVERY writer wants to hear about their work!

The perfect work-life balance from Graphic Design Blender. Is that a real thing?

This post from Graphic Design Blender made me feel better about freelancing — the time is now!

Carrie Smith rocks it on Cat Alford’s blog about how to be more valuable as a freelancer. Awesome!

Ready to transition out of teaching?

Life After Teaching
Life After Teaching
Life After Teaching is the ONLY step by step guide for transitioning out of teaching! And I'm a little biased because I wrote it. Click over to find a whole community of former teachers!

AIP Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Paleo Autoimmune Cookbook
Paleo AIP
I didn't write this one, but I wish I had! This is Mickey's hands-down best tips for getting started with Paleo AIP! My favorite part is the comprehensive grocery shopping list that lets you shop confidently again.


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