Simple Cooking for the Kitchen-Impaired

I tried to make the title a little less sexist, but I’m gonna be real: this is a post written for all those guys who get delicious, practically gourmet weeknight dinners cooked for them.Who, when that special lady is sick, out of town, or commuting late, order out or microwave it up.

Below is a simple cooking guide (printable!) that you can follow to break down a delicious, well-rounded meal (much like your wifey might prepare). This is perfect for  a night alone or a night you’d like to surprise your girl with a delicious plate of food!

How To Cook

Follow each row to its conclusion in as few pans as possible, stick it on the same plate, and bam – dinner! Go ahead and surprise your sweetie this week with a beautiful, home-cooked meal!

But for you more adventurous cooks (who probably shook your head in embarrassment at the above graph, here are a few finer thoughts about the art of cooking!

Frugal Leftover Cooking @ The Family CEO

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