Round-Table July Update: The Wheel of Time, Five Figure Months, and Cheese Curls (Yes, Cheese Curls)


Workaholism + business success = sporadic blogging (and sporadic everything else). It’s really making me allergic to the computer in my off time! Enter: the round-robin update on the five most popular categories on the blog.

Spend the afternoon, you can't take it with you. Annie Dillard


I downgraded to gluten free on our vacation two weeks ago and we increased our sugar consumption to “normal people” and…. the results are terrible! Bloating, crankiness, anxiety, general dissatisfaction, negativity… the list goes on. I am on day two of heading back into Paleo AIP (everything but chocolate and tomatoes so far) and I can’t wait to feel better.

My downfalls this time? It all started with a bag of Trader Joes cheese curls and rolled into avocado oil potato chips and chocolate macaroons. Totally delicious, but soooooooo not worth it anymore. Within a few hours I was sluggish, bloated, and fuzzy headed, and none of that has gone away. I am so grateful that I didn’t end up throwing up or having a really bad reaction, but the slow build up wasn’t pretty either. I should be back to normal by Friday, just in time to leave town and be tempted again ;-). But this time I will have a fresh new appreciation for how AIP makes me feel.


Like I said, my workaholism is in full force. The purpose of freelancing is supposed to be better access to better health (more time to cook, time to relax, no commute or coworkers)…. but what do I do when I get good at something? Do it to within an inch of my life. The fiscal benefits are wonderful (May was my first five-figure month and June was my second!) but it means increased working hours, hand and thumb soreness, and a general “If I’m not working I’m staring at a wall thinking about work.”

We tried to counteract that by taking a 1-week vacation, but I spent that time eating poor foods and having an allergic reaction to the mold in our hotel room. Then when I got back I felt super stressed (which non-AIP food does to me) and rushed through the week. Not the greatest feeling. We’re taking another week in August to go check out Nashville, TN (I hear it’s neat down there!) so maybe I will do better on that trip.



For the past month I’ve been revisiting two hilariously awesome book series from my middle school years, The Sword of Shanara and The Eye of the World. They are both…. awesome!  I’m really enjoying nerding out and “remembering” these characters I more or less grew up with. Is this what the next generation will feel about Harry Potter?

I’m also branching out into different kinds of vampire nonsense but I can’t remember the title or author of the one I just read. In general, lots of late nights staying up with books. I also have a few nonfiction business books but I haven’t felt like I had the energy for them so they’re on hold right now.


As you might guess with the five figure months, finances have been going well! We paid off one of our cars two months ago and slowly cutting through IRS debt (overage from last year). Then we’ll take on this year’s tax estimates, and then work through our debt snowball even more… until we grind it into nonexistence!

Now the car note is gone, we are relishing that extra $250 per month that we don’t have to have in the budget anymore. Since we set my freelance income minimums off of the “remainder” each month, that means I went from having to earn $1800ish to having to earn $1600ish. The day we eliminate all of it (when we’re out of debt) will be supremely excellent!

As we go along, the challenge is becoming not letting the money that comes in sporadically “slip through the cracks” and just get spent. The solution is to have more accountability, more budget meetings, and better written budgets… but that takes time and coordination that feels all too limited (which is nonsense, considering the fact that Josh is home for the summer and I work for myself). It must be done! And listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast whenever I can helps a lot, too. We are so grateful to have this challenge ahead of us, and so far it sure beats the “can I pay this bill?” game.

What’s up with you?

Paleo AIP Plantain-Based Berry Cobbler

You blink and a month passes, right?

At least, that’s what June felt like. Sorry for the lack of blog posts! To make it up to you, here is my take on a Paleo AIP Plantain-based Berry Cobbler.

This cobbler is inspired by He Won’t Know It’s Paleo’s Blackberry Cobbler, which is also delicious. Try hers, but try this one, too! Because I am slowly learning the joys of plantain-based foods, which create a wonderful, chewy, bread texture that is completely grain free. (The other cobbler is delicious, but it focuses on a more floury texture with a gelatin base).

Plantain Berry Cobbler Whole Image


Plantain-Based Berry Cobbler Ingredients

3-4 cups of room-temperature berries

1 green plantain (a yellow or black plantain may work out for you, but they will impart a banana-like flavor and may affect the texture)

2TB arrowroot powder

2TB coconut flour

2TB palm shortening

2TB coconut oil

1/4 TSP baking soda

2TB coconut palm sugar

1TB honey

1tsp alcohol-free vanilla

1tsp lemon juice

Plantain-Based Berry Cobbler Recipe

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees F.
  2. Cover the bottom of a 9 inch pan with 2 inches of room-temperature berries. (Frozen berries are probably fine, but I didn’t use them for this recipe so they might change things up a smidge!)
  3. Slice and dice green plantain and place in food processor. Process until it’s a grainy rice-like texture.
  4. Add all other ingredients except lemon juice. Process until doughy.
  5. Add lemon juice and process. Spatula it out evenly over the berries.
  6. Bake at 300 for 40-45 minutes, until the top is dough-like and brown.
  7. Let cool, then enjoy!

Paleo AIP Plantain Berry Cobbler